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Reliable. Ecologic. Efficient. - Prosistem Graf d.o.o.!

Prosistem Graf d. o. o. is a modern and well-established company,
as a reliable partner in the delivery of state-of-the-art new and used
graphic equipment of world-renowned manufacturers for the graphics industry.

Optimal and efficient investment in a machine

We are aware that the buyers of machines want a repaid investment in the shortest amount of time possible and that the new technology is always within the footsteps of finding new procedures. That is why we help our customers from the very beginning and thus try to find the best solution or optimal composition of the desired solution.

»Deciding on what kind of technique you will use,
should not be left to the desires without proper calculation.
Leave your ideas with the professionals - Prosistem Graf!«

Our mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with information on novelties in the graphic industry and at the same time offer the services of selling, servicing and maintaining machines and devices to companies engaged in graphic activity, on the one hand and providing representation in the field of Slovenia and the former Yugoslavia of recognized graphic equipment manufacturers, on the other.

Our vision

We want to become or remain the most reliable partner in the field of selling and advising the largest printing companies in the region, when buying graphic equipment, as well as helping develop small and medium-sized printing businesses. In doing so, our customers are always looking for the best compromise between efficiency and price. This is repeatedly achieved through a combination of skilled engineers in the company and our partners around the world.

For people. For nature. For sustainable business.

The commitment to sustainable development is our conscious decision, which we have already adopted at the beginning of our business. The strategy of our business is based on responsibility to fellow citizens and to the natural and economic environment.

We do not wait for a better tomorrow, we actively create positive, long-term effects today.

Sustainable development brings positive effects for nature, people and business. Therefore, we promote the development of society and raise awareness with people, we actively take care of nature and consciously invest in sustainable businesses. No big words. Actions are what matters. And we are IN!

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Service and spare parts

We are proud to say that we do our job quickly and efficiently. For every possible issue, we can gather information directly from manufacturers. We supply and install spare parts of certain manufacturers; a part of these spare parts is also stocked in our warehouse.