New equipment / Cutting equipment and pile turners

Cutting equipment and pile turners

Do you need a reliable partner who offers a broad spectrum of cutting machines and additional equipment for cutting lines?

If so, check if we, at Prosistem Graf can help you …

With the help of top-quality products from renowned German manufacturers, we can offer our clients a broad spectrum of cutting machines and additional equipment for cutting (products for preparing materials for cutting, cutting machines, transport systems and inter-phase storage, output systems).

Get familiar with our wide offer of cutting machines and additional equipment for cutting lines:

  • Products for preparing materials for cutting
  • Cutting process
  • Products for manipulation after the cutting process
  • Machine for turning piles
  • BaumannPerfecta solutions



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Cutting machines

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Automatic cutting system:

BaumannPerfecta BASS

Three knife trimmer:

BaumannPerfecta SDY TS


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Automatic jogging system:

BaumannPerfecta BASA


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Press station:

BaumannPerfecta BPS

Buffer and trasnport systems

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Buffer and trasnport systems:

BaumannPerfecta BMR

Pile turners

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Semi-automatic pile turners:

BaumannPerfecta BSW

Automatic pile turners:

BaumannPerfecta BSW auto

Pile turners BSW AUPASYS logistical system:

BaumannPerfecta BSW AUPASYS

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Service and spare parts

We are proud to say that we do our job quickly and efficiently. For every possible issue, we can gather information directly from manufacturers. We supply and install spare parts of certain manufacturers; a part of these spare parts is also stocked in our warehouse.