New equipment / Wrapping, inserting, addressing, distribution and packaging lines

Wrapping, inserting, addressing, distribution and packaging lines

Why is Prosistem graf the right address for difficult customers of wrapping, inserting, addressing and distribution lines?

Agency of world leading manufacturer
With the aim of providing high quality wrapping and inserting lines at Prosistem graf, we provide customers with specialized Italian manufacturer SITMA, which has been providing top quality products since 1965 and is the world’s leading manufacturer of wrapping and insertion lines. SITMA products are known worldwide for being technically perfected, high quality and extremely efficient.

Expert advice
In order to provide the most appropriate solutions at Prosistem graf, we first get to know the problem of our customers well, and then we try to advise on the best solution based on our years of experience, high level of knowledge and top quality products.

In this way you will get a reliable and professional partner in us.

The products are divided into the following groups

Wrapping lines

Book cover line:

Addressing and inserting lines

Addressing lines:

Distribution, Handling and Sorting lines

Distribution and sorting lines:


Food packaging lines

Frozen food packaging line:

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Service and spare parts

We are proud to say that we do our job quickly and efficiently. For every possible issue, we can gather information directly from manufacturers. We supply and install spare parts of certain manufacturers; a part of these spare parts is also stocked in our warehouse.