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Spare parts for compensating stackers RIMA

We have avaliable a number of spare parts for old compensating stackers RIMA RS 3310S, RS 2510S and others on stock.

List of spare parts:

S-25-772M bracket roller MTG (3 utori)
S-25-773M bracket roller MTG (3 utori)
S-74-543 pin handle assy
S-74-544 mount-del table
S-19-179 BRG pillow BL (") .75 ID
S-19-770 BRG-slide-DELR(") .625x1.50x12
S-25-509 magnet (counter head), L: 1 1/4", fi 1/4"
S-19-191 arm idler (chain)
S-19-119 spacer 3/8 x 5/8 x 3/8 (idler)
S-19-277 spacer 3/4 x 1/2 x 3/8
S-19-575 clamp-reed spring (side jogger)
S-19-174 spacer 3/8 x 3/4 x 3/8
S-25-379 wheel-sensor
F-185-03 SCR-SOC SET (FL-PT) 10-32 x 3/16
S-19-579 spaer-bearing (side jogger)
S-19-772 halterung
S-19-773 halterung
S-25-953 plate-adapter (compr. Cyl.), bracket MTG (17")
S-82-347 cyl. Air (compr. Rod.) (optional9 38mm stroke
S-25-861 MTG bracket 1 1/2"
S-25-241 counter-shift register PCB
S-19-713 NASS300
S-19-179 bearing 3/4" P.B. 4.0
S-19-568 handle pin
S-25-443 backl stop (shock absorber)
S-25-439 shock absorber
F-185-04 SOC SET SC 10-32 x 1/4" BR-TIP
S-19-768 cylinder air
S-82-749 cylinder air (compres. Rod), 2,5" (63 mm stroke)
S-25-279 BRK-MTG (proxy sensor)(com. Table)
S-25-506 holder magnet (counter head)
S-19-770 bearing-slide (pusher drive) 0.625x1.50x12
E-210-28 SCR-SOC-SET (C PT) 5/16-18x1-3/4
S-25-198 Screw-Nylon MODIFIED (Turn table)
S-82-168 Seal-kit-assemlby (2-1/2 cyl.)
S-19-844 Mount-BRG (Left) front Jog

Listed are just some of many spare parts we have on stock.
In case you are searching for spare parts feel free to send us an email containing the model and serial number of the machine as well as the spare part number and quantitie.
You can send also send us a picture of the needed spare part for easier identificaion.


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Service and spare parts

We are proud to say that we do our job quickly and efficiently. For every possible issue, we can gather information directly from manufacturers. We supply and install spare parts of certain manufacturers; a part of these spare parts is also stocked in our warehouse.