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Spare parts for Harris, AM Graphics, Sheridan

We have avaliable a number of spare parts for old saddle stitchers Harris, AM Graphics, Sheridan on stock.

List of spare parts:

FG560/011 leaf spring
600-1780 pin for swivel
2152 swivel oper.l.stud
S-25-115 counter
K0821H5B1 electronic counter
5037 rivet
S-11-635 push button
S-11-804 contact
S-13-482 round knife
100-0-1028 corner wire
100-0-1225 filter
550-0-1090 segment
S-19-201 roller w ballbearing
S-19-275 initiator
S-19-284 micro switch
S-19-430 relay
S-20-240 relay
S-82-185 air blow down
S-30-127 power supply
S-20-239 timer relay
S-19-432 timer relay
S-25-100 shift register
S-24-100 shift register
509-0573 cam safe switch
S-30-187 fitting
S-7-272 bronze washer
S-7-326 bronze waser
S-7-356 thrust race
138-0040 bearing
1700180 bushing
VG13A227 wheel
VG21A128 opener gripper
S-7-424 thrust washer
S-20-299 DC board
S-25-110 relais
TC/1251 schrenzstift
12001128 pulley
3170230 body
VG16A100 mount, governor needle
VG12A101 rod
A220-16 screw socket head cap
IMT/075/A valve apcker
923/392 fuse 13 amp. Cartridge
S-11-145 switch
TC/0023 timer delay
S-9-0376 micro switch
S-9-0534 micro switch
596-0-1200 finger jam switch
910/075 board
938/011 P.C.B.
S-11-245 micro switch
923/056 fuse 5A 32mm
910/076 drive card. KBIC-120
2007283 rod - finger
2007199 finger counter
2007300 plate
943/063 resistor
2007526 press cylinder
2007527 cylinder
144/012 spring finger washer
TC/1048 shaft
104/032 screw
114/018 screw
525/339 disc
VG14A167 pin-spring long
TWO/914 block lower slide
142/004 washer spirng
100-00-1329 spring rod
108/004 screw
596-00-1046 bracket-valve supp.
595-00-1053 stud gripper
2003985 support roller
640-00-1967 bar stop mounting
126-0092 cam follower
S-1-811 tinnermann washer
S-9-117 washer-rubber 5/16ID
S-10-110 counter
A60001244 felt wiper ring
A60001247 wiper retainer
S-30-235 collar 1/4"
UB17A589 roller
UB17A590A roller-side

Listed are just some of many spare parts we have on stock.
In case you are searching for spare parts feel free to send us an email containing the model and serial number of the machine as well as the spare part number and quantitie.
You can send also send us a picture of the needed spare part for easier identificaion.


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Service and spare parts

We are proud to say that we do our job quickly and efficiently. For every possible issue, we can gather information directly from manufacturers. We supply and install spare parts of certain manufacturers; a part of these spare parts is also stocked in our warehouse.